Danza at Kalpuli Ixcali Tozi Ilama

I learned of Danza when I was twenty five. I had gone to a church and heard the huehuetl (danza drums that represent the beating heart of Mother Earth) and something in my soul moved. I was drawn to the sound, the feeling, the movement of that the huehuetls’ made. The huehuetl sounds brought me to a higher consciousness, and inside of me something was awaken. I was in college then and I was determined that after I finished up my studies, I would find a Danza group to join.

After finishing up college I was able to contact the same group I had first seen at the church. That Danza group eventually closed down and then I was on the search again, to find a group I vibed and resonated well with. After several years from going group to group I found my place in a group that I had never been a part of. I felt the energies every time I went to practice and I saw myself growing alongside this group. Eventually I became the saumadora which is the person who burns the incense and all the other materials in the group. This made my role to the group essential. Throughout this time I gained a lot of experience and learned about the Ancestral ways. I didn't know at the time that all of these teachings would lead me to my future. It was also here that I met some of the Abuelos who are wise women and men in teaching traditions.